As already announced by email, is currently on sale. Until this has been fully completed, there will be no operations for a few days, but will then resume as usual.
Please check back in a few days.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your loyalty,
Sandra and Albert


Our Mission is a platform operated by the company S.A.W. Its primary focus is to offer a high quality backorder service, which, at the same time, is fairly priced. based on four principles:

1 | Fees only for performance

All charges are transparent and traceable. They apply only in the case of services provided. If we fail in catching a domain, the customers will not be charged.
Each auction price and every order placed is excl. the value added tax; there are no additional costs (except any possible applicable taxes that might apply depending on your home country). Each credit remitted to us - with the exception of any transfer fees – is fully reversible and can be refunded if desired.

2 | Full transparency

Transparency is very important to us. Therefore, our auction system is designed in such a way that our customers can, at any time, view the submitted bids, consequent auction price movements and the auction history, all in real time.

3 | Discretion where necessary

We are aware of the need to protect sensitive information in the interests of the customers. Only the customers (= those who had placed an order for the corresponding domain catch) and in case of an order of a customer being the only one for a domain, then only the order giver, have the right to access the auction process and see the final auction price.

4 | Qualität statt Quantität

We prefer quality over quantity. This implies that a Catch order placed with us will be successful in a majority of cases.
This has been possible for us, on the one hand, through our advanced software solutions and on the other hand, through significant outlays in hardware and lastly through rigorous development process. All this of course requires a certain financial outlay, which is why we distance ourselves from dumping-prices as otherwise, the performance that we currently offer, would not be financially viable.