As already announced by email, is currently on sale. Until this has been fully completed, there will be no operations for a few days, but will then resume as usual.
Please check back in a few days.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your loyalty,
Sandra and Albert


Brief introduction to our catch service is a service that specializes in acquiring high-quality internet addresses.
We "catch the domains". That means, immediately after an expiring domain becomes available for registration, we use sophisticated software solutions to file an application for registration order of a customer with the competent registration authority.

1 | Registration

Registration with is 100% free. Charges apply only in case of successful catches. You can register here.

2 | View drop lists

We offer extensive domain drop lists of the domains that come up for registration and become available for Catching. In order to facilitate the identification of valuable domains, we also offer various parameter based filters. You can view drop lists here.

3 | Order issued

For setting up a "Backorder" for a domain, that is placing an order for a Catch, all you need is a mouse click. The charges apply only in case of a successful Catch/Snap by us.

4 | Perfomance influences

The catch software is configured in such a manner that the clients can directly influence the relative resource distribution of the software used for the current catch queues. For a higher minimum bid for a domain, higher software resources are automatically allocated. This then results in a higher probability of successful catches.

5 | Administration of caught domains

After we have successfully caught the domains, the transfer takes place under the same customer administration along with a Whois update of customer data as soon as the appropriate payment for the domain has been received.